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Perfect Exports Pvt. Ltd. is an association of professionals established in 2004 and assures to give the best service in Cargo and export our products in the most economical way all over the world.

About our professional teams, Perfect Exports Pvt. Ltd. has invested in creating the perfect team possible. This company as a legally registered business has expertise in Export operations.

Another trait of this company is to have good management under good leadership and a team of committed & motivated staff.

Above all, the Nepal Government has Authorized as a registered exporter in Nepal. The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control has approved our products. Also, we are certified by the FDA.

Our clients can expect a full and comprehensive range of Export & freight services. The service includes Cotton Woolen Pashmina, felt balls, Nepali Shilajit & state of the art handicraft. Above all, the best part is we Export from Nepal to any worldwide destinations.

We put up a high client-priority operation with client-oriented services. We put you above the schedules and systems in the way of giving service. Also, to provide local and high-quality goods and products, we professionally handle our clients on time and in cost-effective ways.

For your information, our major markets are Europe, Australia, the USA, Fareast, and China. Further, we are in continuation of increasing our market chain over other countries as well. Thus, to cope with market growth, we have a wide range of networks all over Nepal and India.

Perfect Exports Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top agent carriers in Nepal which has a renowned honor. Coping with the client’s expectations, we adopted services of ocean freight forwarding (including FLC & LCL shipments). Further, we provide air Cargo service to any desired destination like Asia, the USA, Europe, and Fareast. Likewise, we offer multiple choices of shipping lines.

Below, you can have a glimpse of our professional team. Contact us and get to know about our professional teams.

About Us


We are a highly qualified and professional export company offering products like Nepal Dog Chew Sticks, Himalayan Ayurvedic Shilajit, Nepal statues, Felt Ball Rugs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Wool Dryer Balls, and other handmade products.


Nepal Export Company is a team of dedicated professionals working together to deliver you the best products and services in the time.


Nepal Export Company Pvt. Ltd is a registered & Nepal Government Authorized exporters in Nepal. We are FDA certified company and all of our products are approved by Department of Food Technology and Quality Control.

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Includes Business as well as Professionals
Shiva Prasad Paudel
Shiva Prasad Paudel
Shushma Gautam
Shushma Gautam
Sunil Adhikari
Sunil Adhikari
Binod Adhikari
Binod Adhikari
Store Manager