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Still, thinking about how to online order dog chews from Nepal? To make an order for online order dog chews stick in Nepal and Online buying Himalayan Nepali Shilajit (Asphaltum) in Nepal, you must send us a completely filled Online Order Application Form, with 50% of the payment of the product cost. This will constitute acceptance by you of these Terms and Conditions. You need to submit your details and delivery information of your country to our office via email (somethingnepal@gmail.com).

Rest 50% of the product cost should be paid as 2nd installment before the delivery is sent and the Nepal export company will provide you with a tracking number. Please, contact us once regarding direct deposit details or pay through our payment system. The client should pay the bank charge himself/herself at the time of payment from his/her bank. A receipt will be provided as per the amount received in our account only. Before you do that, let’s learn about some major information on dog chew sticks.

What are these Yak milk Dog Chew Sticks?

The Dog Chews are made from pure yak milk from the Himalayas of Nepal. 100% natural and handmade snacks, gained popularity among dog owners worldwide. Countries like the USA, Britain, Canada, and Japan are demanding these dog chew sticks for their beloved pet.

So what are the benefits of these milk Dog Chew sticks?

(1) These chews are 100% Natural with no preservatives and are produced in a traditional method.

(2) With yak/ cow milk, salt, and lime being mixed, it is safe for consumption and highly digestible.

(3) Dog chew with around 63% protein and essential amino acids, it has both dental and health benefits for your dog. Also, it helps to remove plaque and tartar to keep your pet’s gums strong.

(4) Our dog chew sticks are known to last for hours. On the other hand, if the chews are not finished, you can store them for the next chewing session.

(5) With all the benefits and good factors, the chews do not harm your pet nor the environment. Also, you will help the local farmers to sustain their livelihood.

Comparing Nepalese dog chews with other chews?

Just be cautious while buying chews for your pet. The market is full of bully sticks, deer antlers, rubber chews, tendons, and other kinds of chews. Further, they have their own pros and cons. Likewise, you can use the following judging criteria while selecting a chew for your dog.

(1) Risk of chews breaking into sharp pieces

Chews are not supposed to break easily into sharp small pieces when chewed upon. For example, natural bones and hooves may break more easily causing physical harm to your pet. On the other hand, our Yak dog chews do no break apart easily.

(2) Bacterial growth

Many of the chews are known to carry bacteria like bully sticks and animal parts when kept for a long. But, some pet owners would love to leave our milky chew sticks with their pets for weeks with no issue. Most importantly, keep it in the fridge or airlocked place where bacteria will not breed easily.

(3) Digestible quality

Compared to synthetic chews, bones, and antlers Nepalese Yak chews are known to have a high protein content. As a result, it can be easily digested.

(4) Choking hazard

Chews are meant for your pet to play and have fun eating. But, some may pose a threat of choking your dog. However, our milk chews are less of a threat. Your dog’s biting power and saliva will break the milk chews into finer pieces easier for swallowing.

(5) High nutritional value

Much of the dog chews in the market have little to no nutritional value. On the upper hand, you can find a fine amount of proteins and vitamins in Nepalese chew sticks.

(6) Chemical and other contamination

Chews like bully sticks, animal parts, and rubber chews are processed with chemical treatments. Unlike these, our Yak chews are naturally processed with no added flavors or contaminations.

With this amount of information, we surely believe that you will make the best choice for your pet. For online order dog chews, check out this blog.

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