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Order online with NEC


Order online with NEC
December 10, 2020

Order online with NEC

Ordering online in Nepal is simpler than ever. You can make an order for dog chew sticks, Himalayan Nepali Ayurvedic Shilajit (Asphaltum), and Nepali statues. Similarly, the list includes felt products like, felt rug, cat cave, bags and felt woolen balls.

Firstly, you must send us a completely filled order Application Form, with 50% of payment of the product cost. This will constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. You need to submit your details and delivery information of your country to our office via email (info@nepalexportcompany.com).

Rest 50% of product cost should be paid as 2nd installment before the delivery is sent. Next, the Nepal export company will provide you a tracking number. Please, contact us once regarding direct deposit details or pay through our payment system. The client should pay the bank charge himself/herself at the time of payment from his/her bank. A receipt will be provided as per the amount received in our account only. In this way, ordering online in Nepal is safe and sound. Also, you may want to know the method by which export takes place. We suggest you go through the following details and clear your mindset on how exporting from Nepal works.

For an example, do the following to order Nepali Dog Chew Sticks:

Voila, just wait for the customer care to go through the order details. Once done, they will contact you to get you to the final process.

The process of exporting from Nepal

In this part, we will discuss how Nepal Export Company manages export worldwide with legal procedure. So what are the export registration procedures, export customs process, export cargo movement methods in Nepal? Let us explain the step by step procedures with respect to Nepal government authority for exportation.

(1) A legal business and registered VAT is a must to start. Likewise, these documents help a company to export/ import commercial merchandise from/to Nepal.

(2) All exporters and importers should have an export, import code (EXIM code). Further, it is provided by the Department of Customs of Nepal under the Ministry of Finance (MOF). MOF transact on collecting custom duties and enhance trade provision.

(3) Export documents are based upon the Trade Policy of the Nepal Government. So, product type and trade agreements (unilateral, bilateral, or multilateral) determine the documents required for Nepalese Exporting company.

Stages of Exporting from Nepal

Most of the countries follow 3 stages of exporting. Similarly, these principles bind Nepalese exporters.

(a) One-time registration procedure to obtain an export license.

(b) Documentation for exportation

(c) Export customs clearance formalities.

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