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Felt wool balls

Handmade pure sheep wool balls are always an easy option to decorate your clothes, bags, purse, laptop case, hat, or any other accessories and items. In addition, our handmade felt balls are 100% sheep wool from New Zealand.


Moreover, you can change the shapeless wool fibers into more colorful felt balls. Likewise, You can place your orders for 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm also up to 9cm felt balls.


In short, rather than just producing pure sheep wool balls, Nepal Export Company is a leading wholesaler, manufacture, and exporter, providing other felt crafts and handmade services at wholesale prices.


What is the term felt?

Most importantly, felt means the non-woven cloth produced after matting, condensing, and pressing woolen fibers. Further, felt can be of any color, softness, or toughness and made into any shape or size.


How pure sheep wool balls are made?

Preparing pure sheep wool felt balls are quite interesting. To clarify, we use dry felt with soap and water which is processed through a simple method of hand roll pressing.

(1) First of all, an estimated amount of dyed dry wool is taken in hand as per the size of the balls to be prepared.

(2) The dry wool is then compressed by hand to give a circular shape.

(3) Next, we dip and soak those rolled and compressed wool in the soap and warm water solution.

(4) After that, the wool is rolled and palm pressed in a circular motion of the hand. This easy method helps wool fibers to catch each other firmly and balance the roundness.

(5) Once again, the rolled ball stiffens and starts to come into the perfect round balls.

(6) After the hardening shape of the felt balls, they go through the continuous hot water hydro machine for washing.

(7) At the final step, the felt balls are dried under sufficient sun to add shine to them.


Other felt products include

(1) Handmade Felt Ball Rugs, Cathouse, Bird House, Hats, Toys

(3) Handmade felt Animal Heads, Dog House, Rabbit House

(5) Handmade Felt Purse, Bags, Shoes

(6) Handmade Felt Tea Coaster, Ball Trivet

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